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I H C 

Double Cylinder Opposed, 45-H. P. 

Adv. 263 A 

45-H. P.IHC Mogul Gasoline Tractor, owned by John McQueen. Kirkland, 111., pulling two 4-furrow gangs 

Drive wheel etioipped with 12-inch tire extensions 

International Harvester Company of America 


Chicago USA 

I H C Mogul 45-Horse Power Gasoline Tractor 

Two-Cylinder Opposed 

Engines — Opposed double cylinders are used on this tractor. This insures perfect balance and maximum power. 

Cylinders — Cylinders and jacket walls are cast integral. Ample space is given to allow free circulation of the cooling 

Cylinder Heads — Bolted to cylinder. The water jackets of the head and the cylinder register. 

Valves — Poppet type, ground in their seats and held by springs. Valves and seats may be removed by loosening only 
one bolt and without removing cylinder head or disturbing any connections. The inlet valve check keeps intake 
valves automatically closed when the exhaust valve is held open in cases where speed is above normal. Insures 
fuel economy. 

Governor — Spring governed, fly-ball type. 

Starting — A relief cam relieves the compression when starting the engine. This makes starting easy. 

Piston — Trunk type, extra long, turned and carefully ground to size. Provided with lap joint piston rings. 

Connecting Rod — Drop forged, carefully machined to size. Provided with a divided box on the crank end and adjust- 
able split babbitt bushings for the wrist pin bearing. 

Crank Shaft — Forged shaft of liberal proportions and turned to exact size. 

Main Bearings — Special high grade babbitt, reinforced with stiff metal grid. Machine finished to gauge, of liberal 
length and thickness, and extra heavy. 

Fly -Wheel — Provided with split hub, keyed to the crank shaft and clamped by means of bolts running through the hub. 

Gasoline Pnmp — Plunger type, ball valves, operated from cam shaft. No escape of gasoline past the plunger. 

Mixer — Nozzle inside of air pipe. Controlled by needle valve. Fuel is atomized before it enters the cylinder. Mixer 
is provided with overflow pipe to carry excess fuel back to the tank. 

Ignition — Make- and-break ignitor. Spark control is convenient to the operator. Electric current from batteries and 
auto sparker. 

Oiling System — Includes two separate systems. Mechanical oiler for truck and pump oiler for engine. Mechanical 
oiler furnishes oil for the three countershafts and the two main driving gears. Oil is supplied to engine by 
means of a pump which sprays oil into the crank case and lubricates the crank shaft, connecting rod, cylinder, 
and cam shaft. Oil returns to oil tank for continuous use. 

Speed Regulating Device — Provides for a variation of from 200 R P. M to 375 R. P. M. 

Mounting — The engine is mounted on a substantial steel channel frame. The sills of this frame are reinforced in the 
rear by the manner in which the axle is secured. Extra heavy axle castings are used. The base of the engine is 
securely bolted to steel channel sills. The front axle is arched and trussed by two heavy steel rods. The rear 
axle is 5 inches in diameter and is continuous — extending through both drive wheels. The weight of the frame 
is so distributed that maximum tractive power is produced. 


Left side view — lo-H . P. opposed double cylinder 
I II C Mogul Gasoline Tractor 

Gears — Power is transmitted to the drive wheels from the countershaft by two sets of pinions and gears. The 
pinion on the crank shaft drives the differential gear on the countershaft, and the two pinions on the ends of the 
countershaft drive the large gears on the drive wheels. In this way, power is equally distributed to both drive 
wheels The crank shaft pinions and large differential gear are cut to insure maximum wearing qualities. The 
countershaft is secured to the frame by heavy bearing castings. Particular attention is called to this construc- 
tion, because it insures such rigidity that the gears can never get out of alignment and cut. A good shield is 
provided for all gears. Oil is supplied to the bearings by mechanical oiler. 

Removable Differential Pinion — The differential pinion may be removed and replaced without removing or disturbing 
any other parts. 

Friction Reverse — The friction reverse makes it possible to throw the reverse while the engine is moving, without danger 
of stripping the gear teeth. This construction also eliminates an intermediate gear. 

Clutch — Only one friction clutch is used to transmit power from the crank shaft to the gears. This clutch has three 
shoes with large friction blocks which engage the metal surface of the pulley. There is no danger of breakage 
because the large coiled springs, one of which is placed behind each clutch shoe, take up sudden jerks and 
permit the gears to be started slowly, no matter how suddenly the clutch is thrown in. 

Operating Levers — There are two operating levers, one for forward speed, and one for reverse. These levers are 
located within easy reach of the operator. 

Drive Wheels — The drive wheels are 72 inches in diameter with a 24-inch face. The hubs have a 24-inch bearing. 
These drive wheels are well lugged and provision is made for attaching extra lugs. A I 2-inch tire extension is 
furnished on special order which, when attached to these wheels, gives a 36-inch surface. 

Cooling Arrangement — The engine is water cooled. The water is forced through the jacket and up through the cooling 
tower by means of a rotary pump. As the water descends through the cooling tower over a series of horizontal 
galvanized steel plates, air is forced up through it by means of a suction fan. Engine and tank may be easily 
drained at night to prevent freezing. 

Oil and Gasoline Tanks — The oil and gasoline tanks are constructed of 1 0-gauge plate steel instead of galvanized iron 
which is commonly used. 

Accessibility — All parts are easily accessible and can be reached without removing a number of other parts. 

Conveniences — The operator's platform is large and roomy. All operating levers are within easy reach. The filling 
pipe is readily accessible. The auto sparker is conveniently located out of the way of all gears. Right hand 
drive wheel is provided with large shield to protect the operator. 

Equipment —Swinging draw-bar, mud lugs, auto sparker, and speed changing devices are part of the regular equipment 


Right side view — l."»-II. P, opposed double cylinder 

I II C Mogul Gasoline Tractor 

Mounting for I II C Mogul l.'.Jiorse power gasoline tractor. Note 
the substantial construction of all parts of this mounting 

Front view of I H C Mogul 45-horse power tractor, showing cooling 

lower and friction reverse. Note the arched 

and well-trussed front axle 

Rear view of I II C Mogul 45-horsc power gasoline tractor. The 

platform is large, giving ample room for operator to work. 

Operating levers and steering wheel are within 

easy reach. A large shield protects 

operator from right hand 

drive wheel 

Specifications for IHG Mogul 45-Horse 
Po>ver Opposed Double 
Cylinder Tractor 

Horse power: 45 

Weight: 18,500 pounds 

Wheel base: 1 1 feet 

Extreme width over rear wheels: 1 10" 

Diameter of rear wheels: 72 

Face of rear wheels: 24 

Diameter of front wheels: 40" 

Face of front wheels: 10" 

Speed of tractor: 2 to 2%. miles per hour 

Extreme length: 18 feet 

Extreme height: 9' 10" over exhaust pipe 


Clutch pulley: 28" diameter x 10" face is regular 
12" tire extensions can be furnished for rear wheels, on 
special order 

II C Mognl 15-horse power tractor palling an 8-furrow gang, and 2<)-borse power Mogul tractor pulling a 4-forrow gang 

I II C Mogul 45-liorse power tractor pulling a Case 12-farrow 14" breaker engine gang on the Elk Valley farm, Larimore, N. I>. Conditions on 
this farm are such that the engine will handle a lli-furrow gang. Ordinarily, an S.furrow gang is the largest plow which 

should he used with a tractor of 45 brake horse power